Easily convert product codes with ASINScope

ASIN to UPC, EAN, MPN, ISBN; UPC to ASIN. Besides codes you also get such product details:

  • ASINScopeTitle
  • ASINScopeBrand
  • ASINScopeUPC
  • ASINScopeEAN
  • ASINScopeLowest Price on Amazon
  • ASINScopeBest Seller Rank
  • ASINScopeCategory
  • ASINScopeAmazon Referral Fee
  • ASINScopeFBA fee
  • ASINScopeNumber of sellers

Save your time and increase your sales with ASINScope

You may contact any supplier and ask for an excel version of available products. Then you extract the product codes (UPC/EAN) into the TXT file and upload this file to ASINScope and get a converted list with the relevant data. Find interesting items to sell. Save your time and increase your sales!

  • 1

    ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)

    This code is used by Amazon to identify its products.

  • 2

    EAN (European Article Number)

    A standardized barcode used in global trade to identify a specific retail product type.

  • 3

    ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

    A unique numeric commercial book identifier.

  • 4

    MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)

    An identifier of a particular part design used in a particular industry.

  • 5

    UPC (Universal Product Code)

    A barcode that is widely used for tracking trade items in stores.


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